Coding Tips You Should Take Into the Account Before You Start Coding

Say “I don’t know.”

There’s no quicker way to waste your time as a developer than to refuse to acknowledge what you don’t know. Unstoppable programmers understand that your self-worth isn’t tied to a few facts that you’ve memorized. The “stuff” doesn’t really matter.

What makes you valuable isn’t what you know, but rather your adherence to these behaviors. Unstoppable programmers know that every technology (programming language, framework, library, etc…) could no longer be a viable option tomorrow. They think about programming on a higher level.

Always analyze the clues found in error messages.

Traditional education has taught us that failure is bad. Error messages are often associated with failure. However, good programmers know that these messages are actually clues that lead you down the path to the right solution. And they know that they consist of two key parts:

It’s also worth noting that developers are likely to encounter similar error messages time-and-time again. You should focus on learning how to fix the problems and why you need to fix them. Doing so will allow you to fix similar errors at a faster rate in the future.

Know the difference between a premature optimization and a show-stopping optimization that NEEDS to happen.

Code often has trade-offs. And typically, there are at least two different ways you can write your code:

Way #1: Write your code in the most straight-forward way possible

Way #2: Write your code in a more confusing way to be faster

Since people want applications to be fast, you need to consider how long it will take your code to execute. However, it’s even worse to take code that is already fast enough and turn it into something that confused other developers.

Unstoppable programmers know the right time to write code that’s a bit more confusing, but will be faster.

Take responsibility for your mistakes.

Mistakes will happen. Especially when working on a team. Most problems that result from working on a team are not related to code, and they involve miscommunication between members. Typically, there are multiple parties at fault in these situations.

Unstoppable developers treat their life like they’re in the driver’s seat. 100% of the problems they face are a result of their behaviors, even if the only option is to find a different job. They don’t spend time trying to pass the blame off on other developers, processes, or environment.

Rather than fidgeting around worrying about what other people think, unstoppable developers focus on what they do have control over: code.

Become a power-user of your development tools.

If you spend a good percentage of your time coding in a specific environment, you should know exactly how to control it.

It doesn’t matter what makes up your toolkit, and if you use Sublime, Text,, Emacs, Vim or Visual Studio.

That said, tools like Sublime and Atom are easy to pick up. Unstoppable programmers generally start out by mastering the easy tool and eventually graduating to the harder options.